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The Music Matters Series

The Music Matters Series is presented by sound researcher/author Joshua Leeds. This 3-part video and blog series consists of Why Soundwork Research Matters,

The Culture is the Patient, and Public Music.

These brief presentations suggest that challenged cultures–via pandemics, climate change, and/or social fabric issues–use music as a community resource for social cohesion, inspiration, and hope. 

Essentially, this is about music returning to its community roots during uncertain times. This is accomplished by music becoming ubiquitous; musicians teaching in community centers and free public performances in neighborhoods, parks,

street corners, shopping malls, etc. 

The profound impact of music on the individual nervous system is well documented. The Music Matters Series explores the impact of music on communities in crises.


Downloadable resources available at the bottom of this page.


Why Soundwork Research Matters 

The current research of soundwork – typified by the $20+ million invested by the US National Institutes of Health and National Endowment for the Arts in 2019 – speaks to the growing awareness in the academic and scientific communities that therapeutic music is taken seriously. Read more HERE

The Culture Becomes The Patient

In 2020, as Covid, global warming, economic disparity, and social issues convulsed, I wondered about the role of musicians in our changing culture. Clearly, we’re on the precipice of multiple inflection points.

Read more HERE


Public Music 

As a life-long musician, I notice that my attention has evolved to the cultural considerations of music. Since 1986, I’ve been a devoted participant in music and sound for health and wellness. Now, I’m wondering about the social needs of people, and how music might re-shape it’s primary function. These times call upon musicians to take on a different persona. Beyond entertainment, a musician’s role may include becoming a sonic champion for their culture.

Read more HERE

Video available 10/26

Music Matters downloadable resources

US National Institutes of Health and the National Endowment of the Arts Research


Therapeutic Music and Sound Education Resources USA


Media Center

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