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Soundwork on a Hot Rock

Music & Sound in the Time of Change

Begun pre-Covid 2019, publishing 2023-2024

A few words from the author, Joshua Leeds…


May 2023


Dear soundworkers and music lovers around the world.


Soundwork is a term I use to describe intentional music and sound. Hot rock refers to our warming planet Earth.


I believe we are in an evolutionary time. Now are the seeds of renaissance, where artists and visionaries help cultures into newer, greater ways of being.


We've entered the time of deep listening and asking, “What is called for and needed?”


As soundworkers, our music, rhythms, frequencies, science, and heartspace are called for and needed.


Everywhere, people are adjusting to continual waves of uncertainty. Music has always served as a primary antidote for social cohesion and the time is now.


For soundworkers, this is a new time for shedding old identities, learning new skillsets, seeking silver linings, being alert and of service.


In 2022–the age of coronavirus, climate change, systemic racism, income inequity, unbridled technology, amoral politicians and war! – seven billion sisters and brothers are looking and listening for a new wholeness.

​Redefining the Role of Music in 2022 – Community Sonic Activism


From sonic alchemy to sonic activism, now is a time for expanding the relevance of soundwork for cultures in crises!


Global communities have entered a time of massive change and need support from the boardroom to the street. It is well known that music can bring powerful and meaningful solutions to troubled cultures. Soundwork has come of age and there are ample opportunities for musicians, soundworkers, scientists, music lovers everywhere!


• Current research into therapeutic soundwork is unparalleled: $20m+ currently invested by the NIH and NEA.


• The culture becomes the patient! Therapeutically-trained musicians (music therapists to folk musicians) can bring their training and talents out of the hospitals, concert venues, and recording studios and into the streets.


• Public Music. The world needs music ever-present, everywhere, ever-present.


The arts have an opportunity to play a major role in community healing. Music is historically known for rebuilding social cohesion.


A redefining of the healing role of musicians in disrupted culture is called for.


Renaissance is at hand. Creative, enhanced skillsets produce 21st Century music and sound.


It’s not just about music stardom anymore. As Covid showed, it’s about music returning to its cultural birthplace in the bosom of culture as a reflection of the heart and soul of being. The culture is in need and will be for many decades to come.


Therapeutic/concert/folk musicians and educated soundworkers evolve into sonic activists. Bring what you do, teach others what you do…


This is what soundwork on a hot rock is all about. It is about the 21st century re-birthing of sonic culture as a healing force on our beautiful planet earth.


Soundwork colleagues, please help define and enact this essential emergence of physical, emotional and spiritual sonic activism.

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