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Upcoming! Soundwork 21 Zoom Gathering 2

Dec. 13, 2020, 11:00 am/pst-2:00 pm/pst

7:00 pm UK/Ireland and 8:00 pm Europe (Please confirm times from UK/EU)

Expanding the Role of Music

in the Age of Covid & Climate

Event Details

• Goal: To share, discuss, and inspire sonic activism.

• Date: Sunday, 12/13/20. 11:00 am/PST - 2:00 pm/PST.

• Asia/AU: Video recording will be available. See below. 

• Format: Intro, break-out discussions, group dialogue, guest demos.

• Facilitator: Joshua Leeds.

• Registration fee: $5 per registration to cover expenses. Thank you.

• Further information: contact here.

Reservation Instructions

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Video Recording of 11/8/20 Zoom Event

• Available for registered attendees.

• Non- registered attendees contact Olivia (olivia@oliviabylove.com). 


    https://vimeo.com/477049978    Passcode: SonicActivism

For these Zoom gatherings, kindly consider:

1. Globally, we are living in an unparalleled time of multiple and coincident challenges.

2. Forward! There is no going back because collectively we have all shifted, peri-Covid.

3. Isolation has become a psychological by-product of these times.

4. Artistic expression has an opportunity to play a major role in community healing.

5. Music is historically known for rebuilding social cohesion.

6. A redefining of the healing role of musicians in disrupted culture is called for.

7. Therapeutic/concert/folk musicians and educated soundworkers evolve into sonic activists.

8. The new audience/listener/patient emerges: society writ large.

9. Renaissance is at hand. 

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