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Fly Me to the Holi Moon

Expanding the Role of Music in the Age of Covid & Climate

Dear Friends and Colleagues, dear ones all...

This Sunday, 12/13/20, from 11 am/PST - 2 pm/PST, we will have a light and hearted holiday gathering. Soundworkers from the US, Europe, South America, India and all around will virtually gather to network and find a little camaraderie in the midst of a 2020 to let go of. Time to consider self-care, ourselves as artists, sonic activism, beauty, and fun. Words, songs, and music to soothe our furrowed brows, and dialog to inspire.


Featured in this Zoom time will be soundworkers Karen Olson, Kelvin Young, Susan Carol, Heather Houston, Sarajane Williams, Jeff Volk, Tina Tourin, Ruth Cunningham, and others. If you like, bring a song, story or question to share. 


Perhaps we will also explore relevant questions that may arise. We'll see how this assembly goes. With a long winter in front of us, my sense is that a focus on holiday lightness and self-care would be appropriate for this December gathering. However, these considerations bear inquiry, now or at a later time...

• What is currently needed in our communities? 

• How do we bring the healing timbre of music and sound in these times?

• What do we know from current research? 

• How do we take care of ourselves? 

• How do we adapt our skillsets to fit a new world?

• What ­­collaborations bring power to our work?

• What is sonic activism in 2021?

I look forward to seeing you December 13th and wish you fulfilling holidays.

Stay healthy and safe.

Event Details

• Goal: To share, discuss, and inspire sonic activism.

• Date: Sunday, 12/13/20. 11:00 am/PST - 2:00 pm/PST.

• Asia/AU: Video recording will be available. See below. 

• Format: Intro, break-out discussions, group dialogue, guest demos.

• Facilitator: Joshua Leeds.

• Registration fee: $5 per registration to cover expenses. Thank you.

• Further information or registration concerns: Olivia

Reservation Instructions

1. Limited online participation. Please reserve early.

2. Register below with Email fill-in and PayPal. Both are required.

3. Zoom invitation will be sent to you a few days before event.

4. Zoom requires you sign-in previously. Sign-in 10-15 min before event.

5. Please do not share this presentation with others without permission.

6. This is a non-refundable event.


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Video Recording of 11/8/20 Zoom Event

• Available for registered attendees.

• Non- registered attendees contact Olivia (olivia@oliviabylove.com). 


    https://vimeo.com/477049978    Passcode: SonicActivism

For these Zoom gatherings, kindly consider:

1. Globally, we are living in an unparalleled time of multiple and coincident challenges.

2. Forward! There is no going back because collectively we have all shifted, peri-Covid.

3. Isolation has become a psychological by-product of these times.

4. Artistic expression has an opportunity to play a major role in community healing.

5. Music is historically known for rebuilding social cohesion.

6. A redefining of the healing role of musicians in disrupted culture is called for.

7. Therapeutic/concert/folk musicians and educated soundworkers evolve into sonic activists.

8. The new audience/listener/patient emerges: society writ large.

9. Renaissance is at hand.