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Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, music producer, and educator. He writes about how music and sound affects people and animals. His books include The Power of Sound (2010/2001), Through a Dog’s Ear (2008), and Sonic Alchemy (1997). Joshua’s psychoacoustically-based soundtracks are heard in clinics, classrooms, homes, and animal care facilities.


The Power of Sound

The Power of Sound is...“A magnificent addition to the growing body of literature devoted to the newly emerging field of sound therapy by an author who has been instrumental in its development and recognition. Insightful, lucid, and engaging, The Power of Sound should be read by anyone interested in the true nature of music’s potential as a healing modality.”

--Randall McClellan, Ph.D., author of The Healing Forces of Music


Speaking Engagements

Known for dynamic and passionate presentations, Joshua Leeds teaches personal and therapeutic applications of music and sound internationally. His research into music and sound for people and animals is singular. Core audiences include musicians, educators, and therapeutic professionals.


Music for People

Since 1986, Joshua has innovated music for health, learning, and productivity. From neurodevelopmental clinics to homes and offices, his psychoacoustically-based soundtracks have advanced the field of soundwork. Collaborators include Louise Hay, Andrew Weil, The Monroe Institute, and Advanced Brain Technologies.


Music for Animals

Clinical research proves music definitively affects dogs & cats. The book, Through a Dog’s Ear,(2008, J. Leeds and S. Wagner) created wide interest in sound therapy solutions for pets. Specially designed music by Through a Dogand Cat’s Ear is found in shelters, vet clinics, and homes internationally.


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