Joshua Leeds

Sound Researcher, Music Producer, Educator

Soundwork is about the use of music and sound for the enhancement of human and animal function.

Oh yes, agriculture, too! Basically, anything that breathes, also responds to vibration. Sound is pure vibration and one vibe resonates another.

With focus on the use of music and sound frequencies for health, learning and productivity, Joshua produces soundtracks with a cross-species perspective.

He writes about how music and sound affects people and animals. His psychoacoustically designed soundtracks are used in clinics, classrooms, homes, and animal care facilities around the world.


Joshua's soundwork presentations are for anyone with ears.


Joshua Leeds writes about the intentional use of music and sound. His books include 

The Power of Sound,

Through a Dog's Ear, and

Sonic Alchemy


Joshua has created psychoacoustically-based soundtracks since 1986. His studio techniques have advanced the field of soundwork into neurodevelop-mental clinics, classrooms, animal care facilities, offices, and homes. 



Known for dynamic presentations, Joshua teaches internationally. His research into music and sound for both people and animals is singular. Core audiences include musicians, educators, and therapeutic professionals.



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