Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine (3-CD Box Set)

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Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine (3-CD Box Set)


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Vol. 1 Released 2012 BioAcoustic Research
Vol. 2 Released 2013 BioAcoustic Research
Vol. 3 Released 2014 BioAcoustic Research
Through a Dog's Ear, featuring Lisa Spector
Produced by Joshua Leeds

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Both you and your dog will appreciate the variety of these three recordings specifically designed for a senior dog’s sensitive nervous system. We recommend Elderly Canine during the following older dog behaviors and treatments:

  • Wandering

  • Onset of unwelcome new behaviors

  • Staring at walls

  • Sleeplessness at night

  • Pain management

  • Non-responsiveness to cues once known

  • Veterinary care

  • New visitors in household

  • Pre and post surgery

  • Restlessness