The Listening Program

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The Listening Program


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Released 1999 Advanced Brain Technologies. 8-CD set.
The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.
Music performed by The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.

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No longer available

Developed collaboratively by National Academy of Child Development, Advanced Brain Technologies, The Center for InnerChange, and Applied Music & Sound.
Produced by Richard Lawrence and Joshua Leeds

THE LISTENING PROGRAM (TLP) is a neurodevelopmental auditory training for use in the home, school, or clinic. TLP utilizes clinically-proven sound stimulation techniques known as filtration/gating, originally developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. TLP consists of 8 CDs and Guidebook. Good quality headphones and CD player required.

THE LISTENING PROGRAM is designed for children and adults with:

  • Learning and attention difficulties

  • Auditory processing problems

  • Sound sensitivities

  • Receptive and expressive language problems

  • Perceptual difficulties

  • Sensory integration challenges

  • Developmental delays

TLP is also valuable for improving communication skills, musical abilities, and learning potential.

THE LISTENING PROGRAM is sold and monitored by a TLP authorized provider — a licensed therapeutic or education professional trained in the variable applications of this program. The approximate cost of TLP is $375 plus S/H.