Masterworks for Relaxation (with The Monroe Institute)

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Masterworks for Relaxation (with The Monroe Institute)


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Released 1991 InnerSong Press. Cassette.
Sung affirmations written by Louise L. Hay and Joshua Leeds.
Produced by Joshua Leeds.Publisher out of stock.

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Slow, sweet, and sumptuous, MASTERWORKS is included in the Metamusic® Series from Monroe Products. The Hemi-Sync® frequencies embedded on this recording includes significant elements of alpha and theta combined with other frequencies to slow down mental activity.

MASTERWORKS is gently performed by The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble and features the inspired baroque music of Bach, Corelli, Vivaldi, Albinoni and others. All compositions have been re-arranged and orchestrated to enhance the relaxation process.

Suggested usage:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduction of stress

  • Falling to sleep

  • Heightening of creativity

Produced by Richard Lawrence and Joshua Leeds, 1996.
Music from this album — without Hemi-Sync frequencies — is also featured on Sound Health CDs: Learning and Concentration.

Contains Hemi-Sync binaural frequencies. Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this recording. While not imperative, headphones recommended for optimal results.