Known for dynamic and passionate presentations, Joshua Leeds teaches psychoacoustic applications of music and sound internationally. Core audiences include musicians, educators, and therapeutic professionals.

In addition to conference presentations, Joshua conducts multi-day seminars and trainings. Each event is designed to meet the specific needs of the sponsoring organization.With psychoacoustics the over-arching theme, Joshua’s primary demographic includes healthcare and education professionals and creators of music and sound.


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Lecture and workshop topics

  • Sound as frequency medicine

  • The vital importance of auditory health

  • The core principles of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001)

  • The function of the auditory system from a Tomatis vantage point

  • The interconnection of tonal processing and neurodevelopmental issues

  • How stress- or noise-induced auditory dysfunction may result in learning, communication, and social difficulties

  • Current sound stimulation techniques that retrain middle ear function

  • Binaural beat frequencies

  • Resonance (tone) and entrainment (rhythm) for brainwave modification

  • The effects of auditory pattern identification

  • The impact of sound space upon environment

  • Frontiers of soundwork

  • Psychoacoustic music production techniques

  • How to create soundtracks and sound space conducive to office ambience, treatment application, and classroom environments