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Sonic Alchemy

Conversations with Leading Sound Practitioners

  • Paperback: 262 pages

  • Publisher: InnerSong Press; 1 edition (May 14, 1997)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 0965778606

Sonic Alchemy

Table of Contents



Introduction to Soundwork

The Nutrients of Sound; The Lost Chord; Music Therapy/Sound Therapy; Trading in the Currency of Sound; Sound Sleuth; Sonic Alchemists.

Part One: The Hierarchy of Sound

Effective Curative or Age-Old Curiosity?; Sound Is Everywhere; 
Atomic matter --> Vibration --> Frequency --> Sound --> Music

Chapter 1: Entrainment

All Aboard!; The Pulse of Life; Resonance and Entrainment; Resonating with a Twist; Grandfather Clocks of 1665; Who Owns It?


Chapter 2: Demystifying Binaural Beat Frequencies

What are they? How do they Work?; The Monroe Institute; Whole Brain Synchrony; Brainwaves; Soundwaves; The Rules of Entrainment; Sympathetic Resonance; Binaural Beats; Frequency Following Response.

Chapter 3: The Tomatis Method

Frequency Medicine for the 21st Century; Turning the World on its Ear; The Ear in Utero; The Tomatis Method; Brain/Mind Enhancement; Dr. Ron Minson, A Healer for the Future; Letting the Sonic Waters Soothe; Vibration, Frequency and Sound.


Part Two: The Sonic Alchemist

Inner Views; Snapshots in Time; List of Interviews.

Chapter 4: Therese Schroeder-Sheker: Music for the Dying

Music-Thanatology; The School; St. Patrick Hospital; The Monks of Cluny; The Chalice of Process; The Transition Process; Twenty Years of Death-Bed Vigils; How the Dying Accept Music; The Spiritual Work of Dying; The Contemplative Musician; Indian Medicine; Cross-Cultural Use of Music-Thanatology; Musical Midwifery; Harps and Healing Music; The Future of the Chalice Project; Monasticism.


Chapter 5: Fred Schwartz, M.D.: Music as Anesthesia

You Want to Record My What?; Resistance; Womb Sounds; Womb Sounds and Adults; Where's It All Going?; It's Pretty Loud in There!

Chapter 6: Michael Jones: Intention and Music

Music, Prisons and Hospices; Music that Opens the Healing Heart; Intentionality.

Chapter 7: Jeffrey Thompson, D.C.: Bio-Tuning

The WHO I THINK I AM Syndrome; Sound and Chiropractic; Brainwaves Research; Fundamental Frequencies.

Chapter 8: Tom Kenyon: Psychoacoustics

The Tonal Matrix; The Danger of Brainwave Technology; Personal Effects; The Future of Sonic Brainwave Technology.

Chapter 9: Vickie Dodd: Awakening the Amnesia of Wellness

The Well Cell; History of a Clairaudient; Teaching the Geometry of Sound; The Well Cell; Treating Abuse; Treating Grief; The Momentum of Therapeutic Sound.

Chapter 10: Arthur Hull: The Power of the Drum

Entraining or Train-Wrecking?; The Power of the Gun (goon), Go, and Pa; Following the Heartbeat of the Beginning of Time; Percussionitis; or I Gotta Drum.

Chapter 11: Janalea Hoffman: Entrainment

Musical Biofeedback; Entrainment-Holism at the Highest Degree; Entrain What?; Entrainment and Pain; Entrainment in the Future; Music and Co-dependency; Musical Acupuncture; Rhythmic Medicine.

Chapter 12: Jonathan Goldman: The Power of Harmonics

Frequency Shifts; Resonant Frequencies; Rediscovering an Old Science; Intentionality; Neuro-Synaptic Harmonics; Interdimensional Windows; The Call of Sound Healing.

Chapter 13: Michael Stevens: Light & Sound Machines

What Was That, Anyway?; Motivation for L/S Machines; L/S and the Medical Establishment; Creating an Environment to Get Away; History and Use of L/S; The Future of L/S; Final Thoughts; The Long Arm of the FDA.

Chapter 14: Molly Scott, Ed.D.: Resonance Therapy

Birth of a New Therapy; Kelly; Defining Resonance Therapy; The Voice; Annie; Entrainment in RST; Elena; Tuning with the Voice; The Human Technology of Singing; Vocal Sounding and Trauma; Sound Awareness; A Complimentary Therapy; Sonic Boundaries; Ethical Standards; Light/Sound Neuro-Technologies; Teaching Soundwork; Primary Contributions; The Future of Sound Therapy.

Chapter 15: Robert Gass, Ed.D.: Chantmaster Extraordinaire

We're Talkin' Chants Here; The Effect of Chant; Is It Healing Music?; Sacred Music; The Triggers of Music; Transformational Consulting.

Part Three: Resources


Appendix A: Core Beliefs of Alfred Tomatis

Appendix B: Interview Resource Information

Appendix C: Soundwork Resources

Appendix D: Recommended Reading

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