Joshua Leeds is a music producer, sound researcher, educator, and entrepreneur. He specializes in psychoacoustics – the study of the effects of music and sound on the human nervous system, and bioacoustics – specifically, how human sound affects animals.

He is the author of The Power of Sound (Healing Arts Press, 2010 and 2001), Through a Dog’s Ear (Sounds True, 2008), and Sonic Alchemy (InnerSong Press, 1997). His books are published in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, German, and Hebrew.

Faculty positions have included the California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco) and The New York Open Center (NYC).

His 50+ specialized soundtracks are used in clinics, classrooms, homes, and animal-care facilities worldwide. 

Joshua conducts seminars internationally for musicians, educators, and healthcare professionals. 


Curriculum Vitae

Music Producer, Composer, Sound Researcher, Author, Educator

Based on principles of psychoacoustics and bioacoustics, Joshua Leeds produces auditory programs used in homes, clinics, classrooms, and animal environments around the world.

Current Fields of Interest
The use of music and sound for health, learning, and productivity; the study of the effect of music and sound with cross-species perspective.

Educational Degrees
1996 Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis on Psychoacoustics. The Union Institute (Sacramento, CA)

Additional Music and Sound Study

  • 1993-95 Therapeutic Sound School (Boulder, CO)

  • 1990-92 Mannes School of Music (New York City)

  • 1986-87 University of CA at Los Angeles (Los Angeles)

  • 1985-86 Grove School of Music (Los Angeles)

  • 1974-75 University of CA at Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA)

  • 1973-74 Cabrillo College (Santa Cruz, CA)

  • 1968-70 San Francisco State University (San Francisco)

Private Study

  • 1995-1996 Susan Alexjander, Psychoacoustics (San Francisco)

  • 1990-1992 Madeline Bruser, Classical Piano (New York City)

  • 1990-1992 David Tsimpidis, Composition (New York City)

  • 1990-1992 Rudy Palmer, Orchestration (New York City)

Book Publications

  • 2010 The Power of Sound (2nd Edition) Inner Traditions

  • 2008 Through A Dog’s Ear Sounds True

  • 2001 The Power of Sound Inner Traditions

  • 1997 Sonic Alchemy InnerSong Press

  • Teaching Positions

  • 2008-2017   New York Open Center Sound & Music Institute (NYC)

  • 2006-2007 California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco)

  • 2003-2007 California Institute of Psychoacoustics (San Francisco)

  • 2000-2001 California Recording Institute (San Francisco)

  • 1999-2000 Twenty training seminars for healthcare professionals in application of The Listening Program, a Tomatis sound stimulation therapy. Programs presented at Cambridge, UK , Cologne, Germany, and throughout America.

Discography - Recordings for People

2013  Calm Mama – Gentle Music for You and Your Baby (Sounds True)
2011  Goodnight, Baby – Music to Soothe Your Infant to Sleep (Sounds True)
2010  Hemi-Sync 11 Apps (Cancer Treatment, Surgical Support, Anxiety and      Depression Relief, Pain Management, Relax & Distress, Sleep, Nap)
2009  Hemi-Sync Support for Healing (Monroe Institute)
2009  Deep Calm (with Andrew Weil, M.D.)
2006  Relax and De-Stress (with Andrew Weil, M.D.)
2006  Increase Vitality (with Andrew Weil, M.D.)
2005  Essential Sound/Energy (2-CD set)
2004  Essential Sound/Calm (2-CD set)
2004  Essential Sound/Uplifting (2-CD set)
2003  Essential Sound/Sound Asleep (2-CD set) (with Anna Wise)
2002  Joyous Birth (Sounds True)
1999  The Listening Program (8-CD Tomatis-based Therapy Set)
1998  Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing (with Andrew Weil, MD, and Anna Wise)
1997  A Baroque Garden for Concentration (with the Monroe Institute)
1997-99  Sound Health Series with Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble
(Concentration, Learning, De-Stress, Thinking, Relax, Productivity)
1997  Eight Meditations for Optimum Health (with Andrew Weil, M.D.)
1996  Masterworks for Relaxation (with Monroe Institute)
1991  Safe Passage (with Louise L. Hay)
1989  Rhapsody for Louise
1987  Gift of the Present (with Louise L. Hay)
1986  Songs of Affirmation (with Louise L. Hay)

Discography - Recordings for Animals

  • Through a Dog’s Ear
    Calm Your Canine Series, Vols. 1-3
    Music for Your Elderly Canine, Vols. 1-3
    Puppy-Pak, Vols. 1-3
    Driving Edition
    Canine Household
    Canine Noise Phobia Series
     with Victoria Stilwell, Vols. 1-4

  • Through a Cat’s Ear
    Calming, Vols. 1-3
    Noise Phobias

Professional Collaborations

  • Advanced Brain Technologies (Tomatis-based The Listening Program)

  • The Monroe Institute (Hemispheric Synchronization, Binaural frequencies)

  • National Academy of Child Development (Director, Robert Doman, Jr.)

  • Victoria Stilwell (Renown dog trainer, author)

  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Director, Center for NeuroAcoustic Research)

  • Dr. Andrew Weil (Author, Director, Integrative Medicine, Univ of Arizona )

  • Anna Wise (Brainwave bio-feedback, author, The High Performance Mind)


  • 2007-10  Co-founder/Exec Dir, Sound and Music Alliance (501(c)6)

  • 2003-    Co-founder/Exec Dir, BioAcoustic Research, Inc.

  • 1996-2000  Co-founder/Exec Dir, Applied Music & Sound Technologies